PageOne Website Features

Your PageOne website may not be as expensive as others, but it's still filled with all the features you'd expect from a premium website.

Low Cost

Our websites are designed for businesses that need to generate leads but don't need a custom-built website.

Reporting Dashboard

The first thing you see when you log in is how many visitors have been on your site, and what leads have been generated.

Mobile Friendly

Your site will adjust to fit every device size, with special consideration for smartphones.

Easy to use CMS

You can build and edit your site using our simple ye powerful custom-built Content Management System (CMS).

Talk to Real People

If you need to discuss your website needs, or need assistance in editing, you can call us and talk to real people.

World Class Hosting

Your website is hosted in our world-class datacentre alongside high-priced websites using the same robust and reliable hosting infrastructure.

Domain Names and DNS

We will take care of your domain name registration and delegation as well as DNS to ensure you site and email is pointed to the right servers.

Custom Development Options

If you would like to modify your website, or add additional features outside of the PageOne's capability, let us know and we can build it for you.

Search Engine Tools

Once your website is built, it has all the Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) tools to let the search engines know where to find you. Includes Google Analytics.

Order now, and be ready to edit it in minutes!

Complete a simple form, pay with credit card and you'll be on your way in minutes. Or if you'd like us to build the site for you, it can be up and running in just a few days!

Pricing Details

Our prices are low, but that doesn't mean you'll get low service or quality. We pride ourselves on producing high quality websites.

We also love to empower our clients by providing powerful yet simple to use management tools.

Page One Website: $399

This price covers the generation of your website system ready for you (or us) to use the CMS to load in the content.

Hosting for 2 Years: $200

This price gets you 24 months of hosting in our data centre, as well as access to your online dashboard and editor.

Domain Registration for 2 Years: $99

We will register your domain for you, manage the DNS for your domain and remind you when renewal is due.

We'll build it for you: $199

Send us your brochures or documents and we'll build the website for you. This price covers 1.5 hours of labour, which is normally plenty.

Order now, and be ready to edit it in minutes!

Complete a simple form, pay with credit card and you'll be on your way in minutes. Or if you'd like us to build the site for you, it can be up and running in just a few days!

PageOne Website Themes

There are currently 4 themes to choose from, and within each theme there are many row styles to add. More themes will be added periodically. You can change the theme of your site whenever you choose.

Do you need business email?

We can provide enterprise-grade email services for your business.

Powered by Google, the Google Apps suite of products gives you:

 Huge 30GB mailboxes

Online collaboration-friendly document editing

Online document storage

Shared calendars

$5 per mailbox per month

The PageOne Content Management System

Editing your website is easy and simple with our custom-built editor.

Your Dashboard

Your Dashboard

Content List

Content List

Editing Content

Editing Content

Image Library and Upload

Image Library and Upload

About Us

PageOne is a product created and marketing by Sympact Corporate Technology (Sympact Pty Ltd). Sympact began in 2002 and has been providing cloud-based solutions to clients nationwide.

Sympact can: Create websites; Create cloud-based applications; Create mobile-device applications (Apps); Register and renew domain names; Hosting your websites and applications; Set-up, manage and support email, document storage and management and social media; Supply, install, manage and support servers, software, backups, workstations and devices; Consult of the future of your business and how corporate technology can assist.

Sympact have experience in the following Industries: Mortgage and Finance; Real Estate and Property; Public Service and Government; Insurance; Aviation; Health Care; Hospitality; Professional Services.

Sympact can develop custom cloud applications and mobile apps (Android and Apple) for you or your customers.

Sympact can also develop additional functionality to your PageOne website. If you need more than what PageOne does, then simply request a custom add-on and we'll work with you to ensure your web presence does what your business needs it to.

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